Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Noisy Separation

Did you ever notice how the very atmosphere of the world around us has been filled with noise. For most people it starts with some sort of noise from the little box beside their bed to wake them up in the morning. Then for many it is simple habit to put on the radio with it's quibbling morning shows of either outright nonsense or slap-you-back-in-the-face-with-my-opinion quasi news programing. Such an inspiring way to start a day.

Next it's into the kitchen, take care of morning business there and then click on the TV in the living room.  After all we need to keep up, we need to be informed members of society. BREAKING NEWS: Linsey Lohan out of back to the revolution in Libya.

Then it's out of the house and into a full onslaught to the senses, particularly the eyes and ears. For todays post I am considering the ears.

Remember the little rhyme;

               Oh be careful little ears what you hear,
                    be careful little ears what you hear.
               For the Lord up above 
                     is looking down in love.
              Oh be careful little ears what you hear.

Such wisdom in a simple little rhyme. Over the past generations it seems as though he who makes the most noise is the coolest, the most powerful, the most...(place desired definition here.)  If you are young and you can fill your trunk with stereo sound equipment that will actually vibrate the windows of the other cars sitting next to you at a stop light.....oh wow, you are IT! You have reached the pinnacle of coolness.

If you are a business man and you can make your ads on the television or radio jump up a few decibles to really grab the attention of listeners and potential customers, then as a savy yet refined gentleman of business you are willing to put on a silly hat and scream you lungs out. Business is Business.

The louder the noise around us has become, the louder we have become. Don't stop the noise....or get away from the LOUDER! Until we don't even realize that we have become a society of people who continually assault one anothers senses.

Could it be that the noise, the lack of peace and quiet is having negative affects on us.
Well, of course we know it does. Anxiety, depression, the physical affects on the body have been duly noted by both Medical Doctors and those in the field of Psychiatry, and is evident in the stress of many around us.

A noisy atmosphere disrupts peace and often leads to confusion and chaotic thinking, the inability to concentrate. It's as though the mind is firing on many different frequencies and languages, trying to understand everything at once, while following the recipe to bake a cake, or get that monthly report done at work.
That's when the stress level increases, the anxiety rises etc. etc.

When I had this revelation of the noise all around me in the earth, 
I understood it was designed as a simple tool.
Used to separate us from that still small voice
we all must depend upon.

I knew immediately that I must make changes. Of course I shared with my husband what I had heard in the Spirit, and he felt that inner witness and agreed whole heartedly.  We then decided that the first thing to go was the television. 

Our viewing consisted of the news (for the 10 minutes we could usually tolerate it), the History Channel, when it was actually something to do with history. The Discovery Channel, when it had something to do with discovery. I say that because both channels have veered into some strange programing.
And the last channel would be Turner Classic Movies, old movies.  But so much between programming is becoming more and more of a sinful nature. So even though you don't watch that program, the image and message was still absorbed and I believe does harm.

We've kept a radio for emergency weather, things like that, but it's not on till needed.
And we both use a laptop. He for organizing and running household budget and paying of bills etc.
I for instruction gathering on my many creative activities.
And both of us for study, Quaker fellowship and that occasional bit of news
They have become tools which lead to a productive point. 

A note on a noiseless home:
I remember visiting my grandmothers house, maybe you can remember visiting yours or some older member of your family. I remember the first thing which was immediately noticeable was the quiet. Perhaps all one would hear was the ticking of a clock or a bird chirping through an open window, or maybe a few dishes clattering letting you know that grandma was at work in the kitchen. 

She had no stress, no high blood pressure, she didn't need Xanex, breathing techniques and therapy. She didn't need to center down as if from another realm.
She lived centered. 
And I believe a large part of that was just how she arranged her daily life for her family in the home.

I had this spirit leading about noise and quiet many years ago, and what-do-ya-know! I came across these people the Quakers! Who I knew were in my family line, but surely they didn't still exist. (well you know the rest) The whole thing the Lord was showing me was about simplicity and quietness in daily life.  In everything from clothes to furniture. My husband and I see the fruits in our lives over the decisions we've made and they are good.

The peace is there, it is as though the ear is constantly attuned to only one station and thereby the message of the spirit is heard clearly. It is more engaged moment to moment and is not cluttered out by invading auditory forces negative to spiritual growth.

Now in closing I will say that I am not against entertainment, art, music etc.  In fact I am an artist myself and so is my husband, I am also a vocalist and love music, and laughter makes the heart merry.  My point is that we must be certain that our entertainments do not hurt the spirit of God within us. Weather it be a movie with bad conduct, music with a negative or ungodly message or humor which is base in nature.
And that we don't constantly fill our lives with such noise as would separate us from the peace of God.

Your friend,

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